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Niuzy – Taylor Swift Naked in “…Ready For it”?

Taylor Swift dropped “…Ready for it” music video on Friday 28, which will appear on her new album “Reputation” on the 10th November. However, the controversy behind the nude “cyborg” scene has made the internet questioned if the singer was really naked.



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Taylor collaborated with Joseph Kahn to show two Taylors, one in all black who is free to move around and is accompanied by black soldier and one powerful but unfortunately trapped in a glass box. These scene demonstrated the emotional and perplex state of her past and new life. Luckily the trapped one gain in power and come out of her prison.




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Inspired by Britney Spears “Toxic” music video, the singer was not naked but wore an all nude bodysuit giving her sci-fi cyborg look after effects. The creative artist has been playing with sci-fi effects for this particular video including reference to anime, fantastic and comics.


Taylor Swift – … Ready For It?

Credit: taylorswift/Instagram, video Youtube

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