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Niuzy – Beyonce Nailed Five Lil’Kim’s Inspired Halloween Costumes !

Two days ago, the superstar Beyoncé has nailed her Lil’Kim inspired Halloween costumes. From black, blonde and blue hair Queen Bey made us reconnected with the 90’s, dressed by her stylist Zerina Akers, the 36 years old paid tribute to the sexy colourful provocative 90’s rapper.





Beyoncé and JAY-Z dressed up as Lil’Kim  from ” The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” Missy Elliott‘s music video and Notorious Big, attending Kelly Rowland’s Halloween party in a red disco pant accessorised with Chanel braces, slaying black hair and shades.







Lil’Kim is also known for her colourful and audacious looks, showing off in neon-green fur coat and velvet ankle boots trapped with a full fishnet bodysuit, performing at her “No Way Out” Tour in 1997.






Source Hip Hop Music Awards (1999) in “All Fur Everything” shimmery bodysuit, Queen Bey impersonated perfectly Lil’Kim’s red carpet outfit with an awesome attention to details.




Today’s Blackwoman Magazine (2000)



Inspired by Lil’Kim’s Today’s Blackwoman Magazine (2000) cover, she wore a sexy bright bleu silk night-dress covered by a royal bleu fur coat.




Manhattan File Magazine (2001) 


As for the next costumes , the singer recreated the iconic cover from Manhattan File Magazine (2001) embodied Chanel printed wig and bleu contact lenses.

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