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Niuzy – How to Wear Spring Lines Not Spring Rolls !


This spring lines are going to be everywhere ! Horizontal or vertical lines will definitely be a part of our spring/summer’s wardrobe. Seen during fashion month and validated by celebrities, it is easy to embrace with minimalist accessories. The lines will do all the work !




‘Be aware of tassel earrings which will go perfectly with your stripes top, combined with a pair of jeans !’


Wrap Striped Blouse, $35

© Asos.com



AX Paris – Bell Sleeve Top, $32

© Asos.com



Mango – Bardot Striped Blouse, $19,50

© Asos.com





‘Feeling rebellious today but want to keep the glamour? Why not turn your outfit into glam-rock with a black leather jacket and black shades?’


Self-Tie Yellow Striped Maxi Dress, $25

© Forever21.com



Plunging Neckline Maxi Dress, $36

© Forever21.com



Flounce Maxi Dress, $24,50

© Forever21.com





‘Rock a wide leg striped pant with a statement t-shirt, add high wood sandals and tadaa your are good to go !’


Multicolored Wide Leg Pant, $15

© Shein.com



Self-tie Tricolor Pant, $14

© Shein.com



Zip-Up Wide Leg Pant, $14

© Shein.com


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