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Niuzy – Easter Bunny and Chocolate Delite, Celebrity Enjoying Easter Holiday

  During Easter holiday, celebrities decided to wether dress up or take cute or sexy pictures and particularly this time April fool fall the same time !   NIUZY WISHES YOU A HAPPY EASTER 🐰 !     Rita Ora ...

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Niuzy – Miley Cyrus Easter Holiday Shoot, Similar to Paris Hilton?

  Miley Cyrus, 26, decided to celebrate Easter Holiday her own way. The Disney star has collaborated with Vinjat Mohindra to create this super creative Easter shoot.                   But wait a minute ...

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Niuzy – March For Our Lives ” One Child Is Worth More Than All The Guns On Earth “

  Shortly after the massacre a the Parkland high school, students survivors planned a march called “MARCH FOR OUR LIVES” on Saturday 24th 2018.                       Thousands of people gathered all ...

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Niuzy – Katy Perry Goes For Miley Cyrus Look Again On Glamour Magazine New Cover

  Katy Perry, 32, has unveiled her new platinum pixie haircut – similar to Miley Cyrus short hair in 2012 – on the cover of Glamour magazine March 2018. Miley’s fans speculated on the singer inspiration, while Katy Perry said ...

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